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Published December 28, 2012 by lostone1


Published October 2, 2012 by lostone1


By highlighting and exaggerating the stereotypical preference among Brazilians for. …ahem… “aBUNDÂncia”, Andressa Soares aka Mulher Melancia (Watermelon Woman) has done more than merely extend her 15 minutes of fame. She has added fuel to the flames of a pop culture challenge to mainstream formulations of “beautiful”. Giselle and the other long lanky cover girls that are genetically engineered from a petri dish in some secret Porto Alegre laboratory don’t really whet the palate of the popular Brazilian imagination. Apparently real Brazilian men gravitate toward real Brazilian butts. Real big Brazilian butts. Always tuned-in to the POVO, the PUEBLO, the PEOPLE, Vice Magazine goes to get the inside story, the story behind the bunda, in a video segment on the most celebrated buttocks in Brazil. It’s a full 15 minutes but well worth the watch because there are some super-tasty nuggets in this piece. My personal favorite is Andressa’s esthetician waxing philosophic on the correlation between ass size and socio-economic status. 

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Published October 2, 2012 by lostone1


Here is the latest from Andressa who remains extremely popular on this blog and everywhere else.

Hip Hop has been fascinated with the beauty of Brazil ever since Pharrell and Snoop christened the South American oasis the home of all things beautiful via their video clip for “Beautiful.” With that in mind STREET KNOWLEDGE presents one of the finer exports to make her way from the jungles of Brazil. Our prediction: Andressa Soares will become the face of beauty not only for Brazil’s thriving tourist industry but the first rapper to snag an appearance by this Brazilian goddess will see that video virally hit a million in hours. Playboy got the first crack at it with this exclusive no-holds barred photo and video shoot they did with the Brazilian bombshell. Remember, you heard it here first: Andressa Soares got next. They only make ’em like that in the Amazon, baby!

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Andressa Soares – Mulher Melancia

Published October 2, 2012 by lostone1

Andressa Soares